Paul Ruddy and his love for VW Golfs

There’s something especially satisfying with selling one of our vehicles to a customer who knows his cars.

We were delighted then when recently we handed over a brand new Golf GTI to long-time customer Paul Ruddy. Owning a Golf is nothing new to Paul and we’re pleased he’s bought many of them from us. “Over the years I’ve owned around 20 GTIs,” he told us, “almost all the models from Mk 1 to the latest Mk 7.”

Paul’s hobby is to restore classic cars and motorcycles. His restorations which take around two years to complete have always sold. “Even when not up for sale,” he tells us. They’ve gone as far as to collectors in Australia. He takes the vehicles right back to basic framework and totally rebuilds them. “I bring them back to being like brand new. They’re so clean you don’t actually want to drive them though they are in perfect condition to do so.”

Photo reproduced with kind permission from Paul Ruddy
Just some of Paul’s GTIs over the years. Photo reproduced with kind permission.

Paul is self-confessed mad about vehicles “I’ve owned around 300 cars and 60 motorbikes over the last 20-25 years.” That’s a customer who knows his cars and takes a special pride in them. So why the obsession with VW Golfs?

“It’s the ‘build’ quality,” Paul said without hesitation. “They’re better quality cars, they’re more reliable, they hold their value incredibly well. It’s that German built quality – and I’ve never had a bad ‘un!”

Given Paul’s skills and many years of experience, you can’t ask for a much higher recommendation than that!

Paul new GTI 1
Paul unveils his new Golf GTI