Kia beats the competition for quality

We’re proud of the products we sell at Walkingshaw but it is good to see the quality of our cars recognised at international level. Recently, Kia has received notable success in two important areas.

Firstly, Kia were ranked 1st out of 33 car brands in a study on initial quality. The survey of more than 80,000 car buyers found Kia customers had the fewest problems in the first 90 days of ownership. The survey looked over 26 different areas including driving experience, engine and transmission problems and other quality issues.

Usually it is the expensive luxury brands which score highest in this area and this is the first time in 27 years that a ‘non-premium brand’ has beaten rivals. Porsche took second place.

But it isn’t just in the initial days of ownership where Kia is doing well.

The second study looked at after sales customer experience for 24 brands and ranked Kia 3rd for customer satisfaction for the first three years of ownership. This survey looked at dealer service areas including service quality and service advice.

The annual studies are carried out by leading research consultancy, J D Power, and top rankings are highly coveted. While we already know the quality of our vehicles, we’re pleased to see this being recognised by independent and respected researchers. Why not come and see for yourself just why Kia did so well? Our sales team would be delighted to reveal all!